Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Indian men are losing their hair earlier and Dr.Nigam has recently introduced stem cell hair multiplication, a new therapy for baldness. He has co-partnered India’s first stem cell hair lab which was started 3 years ago. " we are at par with china , Japan and USA in research and development of stem cell hair multiplication. We are getting patients across India and worldwide. We would be present in top 50 cities across world in 3 years, "he says, another innovation from Dr.Nigam is painless Technique for hair transplant procedures." Even with traditional FUT and FUE techniques for hair Transplant, we offer free PRP (platelet rich plasma), matrix and stem cell growth factors for better hair re-growth. No hair transplant is complete with dense hair without 2-3 touchups of hair implants every month, which we offer free of cost, " he adds. Dr.Nigam also offers return air ticket reimbursement for out of Mumbai clients. Dr.Nigam Also offers hair transplant across India & overseas through flying hair transplant.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes make an important contribution to facial symmetry and presentation of self to others. A person without eyebrows or eyelashes may feel very self-conscious about his/her appearance. Transplantation or reconstructive surgery can often restore eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are lost in a variety of ways

Physical trauma: motor-vehicle accidents, thermal, chemical or electrical burns
Systemic or local disease that causes loss of eyebrow or eyelashes
Congenital inability to grow eyebrows or eyelashes
Plucking (to reshape the eyebrow) that results in permanent loss of eyebrows
Medical or surgical treatments that result in eyebrow or eyelash loss, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgical removal of tumor.
Eyebrow Hair Restoration 

A number of procedures are available for restoration of all or part of the eyebrow:

Transplantation of micrografts or single hair from a donor area to the eyebrow, and a reconstructive flap or graft procedure that brings a strip of hair from another site to the eyebrow. 

Eyelash Hair Restoration

Transplantation is the only procedure used to restore eyelash hair. This is a very specialized procedure that is performed by just a few surgeons. As is the case for eyebrows, donor hair for transplantation must be fine and not coarse. Itching is a common and troublesome postoperative complication. If the patient gives in to temptation and scratches, there is risk of dislodging the hair grafts and initiating infection. The dermatologist can prescribe medications to relieve itching

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Indian men are losing hair earlier than they thought they would. Hence bald economy is growing at the rate of 30% per year. We spoke to Dr. Nigam have recently introduced the lot talked about “stem cell hair multiplication” which is suppose to be the revolutional therapy for baldness. Says Dr. Nigam no one will be bald 3 years down the line, of course they would have to lighten their pockets little bit. Dr. Nigam co-partners India’s first and only stem cell hair lab which was started 3 years back by a group of doctors with an investment of 100 crores. Says “Dr. Nigam we are at par with China, Japan and USA in research and development of stem cell hair multiplication. We are getting patients across India and worldwide. We would be present in top 50 cities across world in 3 years. Another new innovation from Dr. Nigam is painless technique for Hair Transplant procedures thru, lipo coolants and needless pressure injections. Even with trade FUT and FUE techniques for ht, we offer free PRP (platelet rich plasma) for better hair growth, matrix and stem cell growth factors for better hair regrowth. Says Dr. Nigam “No hair transplant is complete with dense hair without 2-3 touch ups of hair implant every month which we offer free of cost”.
Growing bald economy 30 year old new grand “paa”

Dr Vivek Nigam & Dr Divya
The pioneers of Hair Stem cell multiplication from India with their team 


India first 100cr state of the art laboratory for stem cell hair multiplication in mumbai

Advanced Stem Cell(Hair Multiplication Steps)

Step 1: With the help of FUE, through a special FUE machine, doctors will take out 200 grafts by single strand non-touch technique. Before taking out these grafts numbness cream is applied & non-needle local anesthesia through pressure technique is given so that you have no pain or discomfort.

Step 2: These grafts are placed in a sterile container, which has a special solution at a specific temperature with specific antibiotic.

Step3: Collected graft samples in the streile container are sent to stem cell multiplication laboratory.

Step4: You might be called on the same day at 8 or 8.30pm if samples are collected at 1pm, if after 1pm then the patient is called the next day to give the 1st shot of stem cell injection on the scalp.

Step5: After 15 days stem cells are cultured ,process is completed with the help of fine needle injection, with prior numbness of scalp, multiplied hair follicles are injected in your scalp.

Step6: In between 2 weeks you might be called for implanting hair follicles on total bald area by non-strip FUE single graft method with numbness.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bio Medical Engineering

The Bio Medical Engineering hair implant system is a revolutionary artificial hair that is implanted into the scalp as a replacement for natural hair. The patented system is provided by several leading clinics around the world. Bio Medical Engineering can make one look younger and permits an active, sporting lifestyle. The hair is an artificial substance that looks like natural hair. The implant gives full hair thickness. It does not grow. The colour or wave of the hair cannot be changed. It can be washed and dried like normal hair, and must be washed specially under the maintenance requirements.

“Bio Medical Engineering is a real breakthrough in hair treatment, the transformation is immediate and one that will help to increase the person’s confidence. The procedure is quick and easy to perform with no recovery time and minimal pain and discomfort for the patient.”

Matched to your existing hair

Your implants will be matched to your existing hair. The hair is soft, flexible and fine with a diameter of 0.080mm. It comes in 13 standard colours, other available on request. Standard length is 15cm, longer on request. It comes in straight and 3 different types of wave or curl.

Implant of Biofibre

The fibre is implanted into the scalp with a special instrument. The treatment does not involve pain, bandages or stitches and does not require time off work for healing. Can implant up to 600 fibres per day, so treatment can take several days. Treatment to cover the whole head may take 6,000-8,000 implants. Recovery of the skin after implant takes 2-3 days.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome To Dr.Nigams Hair Transplant Blog

FUE is an excellent option for patients with:
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Scars from Cosmetic Surgery
  • Missing or Thinning Eyebrows
This method involves extracting single follicular units from the back portion of the scalp (donor area) and transplanting them on to bald area (recipient area). These follicles should be extracted from the permanent hair bearing zone only. Follicles which are extracted very near to the crown or nape of neck may go into baldness if the donor area is still susceptible for balding. 


The follicular unit to be removed is selected by the surgeon, the punch is then placed over the follicular unit and a small circular incision is made approximately half way down the unit's hair shafts. Next, the unit is grasped and extracted from the surrounding skin.
can be used solely as means to recreate hairlines and cover bald skin, or it can be used in conjunction with the standard strip procedure to increase the number of grafts obtainable during a single surgery without increasing the size of the strip scar. FUE may also be used as a means to repair scarring from older obsolete hair transplant surgeries.
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Welcome To Dr.Nigams Hair Transplant Blog

Fut(Follicular Unit transplantation)

FUT is an excellent option for patients with:- 

Male Pattern Baldness
Female Pattern Baldness
Scars from Cosmetic Surgery
Missing or Thinning Eyebrows

FUT involves the removal of a strip of superficial layers of hair bearing scalp from the back and side of the head (donor area) The strip is cut into fine follicular units with the help of stereo microscopes & are transplanted on to the bald area. 

Follicular Unit transplantation offers the surgeon the ability to transplant the maximum amount of hair with the minimum amount of non-hair bearing skin. In this way, recipient wound are kept small, healing is facilitated, and with proper technique, large numbers of grafts may be safely moved per session. The use of these units helps to ensure that the cosmetic result of the transplant will appear completely natural.